Potentiality and prospects for the Australian real estate market in 2018 – 2019

The Australian real estate market in 2018 continues to affirm its position as one of the world’s most stable housing markets, forecasting 2019 growth of between 11-15%.

For those who have been exploring the real estate situation of Kangaroo Island, they know that the real estate market is growing steadily (the average of seven years of house prices doubles), the Australian law is clear. , transparency is always ensured for both buyers and sellers, especially the need to buy houses or invest in commercial real estate (such as restaurants, hotels, offices …) in Australia very high and supply usually not enough.

Tiềm năng và triển vọng của thị trường bất động sản Úc năm 2018 - 2019

Why do Vietnamese choose Australia as a “peaceful place” to study, work, invest and settle?

Australia has been at the top of the list of the world’s most liveable cities for eight consecutive years … so the trend of people in the world to emigrate Australia is growing, especially the millionaire. Last year Australia received more than 11,000 millionaires, 10,000 in the United States and about 8,000 millionaires in Canada – forecasts for fiscal year 2018-19 will overwhelm Australia.

Australia, with the United States, Canada and Europe (EU), are the favorite destinations of people all over the world, most Vietnamese people choose Australia as their ideal “retirement”. Over the past five years, more than 80,000 people have become naturalized in Australia (bringing the total number of Viet Kieu in Australia to over 350,000) to become the second-largest Vietnamese concentration camp after the United States. Not to mention more than 31,000 international students studying here, most of whom wish to reside in Australia.

Comparing the countries, Australia dominates over:

  • Australia’s economy is not strong but more stable – 26 consecutive years have not recently been degraded.
  • Australia’s weather and climate are similar to Vietnam, while other countries are so harsh and unpredictable that many Vietnamese and international students find it difficult to adapt and even return home.
  • The geographical distance closer to help the Vietnamese can quickly and actively export-entry two countries during the day, especially important when there is urgent work.
  • The Australian society is peaceful in its cultural and ethnic diversity but does not discriminate, racist
    Australian security has always been tight and tight to minimize violence and guns.
  • Australia is well-known for its high quality global education and many of its universities are among the best in the world.
  • The social security system in Australia is very good, people receive free health care, superannuation and unemployment benefits, tuition waivers for students, homeownership assistance and childcare. ..

With these factors, it is easy to understand that Australia is increasingly attracting Vietnamese people to “settle down”, buying Australian property is one of the first choices most Vietnamese people consider the best.

Vietnamese and Australian real estate market in 2018

2018 once again witnessed the influx of Vietnamese people to buy property and real estate investment in Australia soared. FY 2017-18, Gold Land Australia and top five foreign real estate companies in Vietnam launched more than 20 villa, apartment and shophouse projects across Australia with thousands of early opportunities. By the end of September, the number of real estate sales, deposits up to 82%.

Statistics in major Australian cities show that nearly 40% of the population is immigrant, specifically Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Migrants account for 36-39% of the population, some of them in Viet Nam. Male. Therefore, villa projects, townhouses and apartments are selected by the majority of Vietnamese.

The demand for Australian home buyers is relatively high due to high security, transparent legal information and transparency, and good long-term forecasts.

According to statistics from the Association of Real Estate Professionals (NAR), the period from April 2017 to 3/2018 Vietnamese spent $ 520 million on the purchase of real estate in Australia for many purposes. Many families with children studying abroad want to stay home and settle, while others buy to invest – the rent is stable every year, someone buys the second house in parallel with House in Vietnam …

Potential and prospects of the Australian real estate market in 2019

Following successes since 2018, as well as past stability, real estate experts forecast that the Australian housing market will continue to grow at around 11-15% in 2019.

Investors are still optimistic about their investment prospects: 60% believe that their investments in Australia will be profitable in 3- next 5 years; 61% said that the application of lending rates to investors higher than the buyers are not a big obstacle for them; 90% said that concerns over Australian property prices likely to fall in some capitals will not hamper their investment plans …

In the beginning of the 2018-19 fiscal year, the Australian government’s 1 percent increase in registration tax in some states with foreigners and a tax exemption when Australian citizens bought a home under AUD 600,000 also did not hold back the wave. Invest in real estate here, but the opposite is a signal that the demand for housing in Australia is very large.

In addition, Australia is home to thousands of large businesses in the world, with increasing numbers of tourists and study destinations, so the demand for commercial real estate in Australia has also increased. Proportionally, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. Quarterage report from Domain.com.au in September, 2018 shows that the real estate office and restaurant-hotel complex has been fully booked since the start of construction, expected in 2019 to meet about 55% of the market demand.

Tiềm năng và triển vọng của thị trường bất động sản Úc năm 2018 - 2019

Australian Gold Land – pioneering Australian real estate in Vietnam

In recognition of the increasing influx of Australian real estate investment, Gold Land Australia has opened branches in two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to help customers gain useful information. and most accurately, the Australian government.

With many years of experience in the Australian market, Gold Land Australia is proud to be the pioneer in implementing three real estate, real estate, business and residential investments in Australia. Male. Come to Australia Gold Land, in addition to the free consultation on the Australian real estate market, customers will be consulted investment plans in the world’s 13th largest economy (it is ranked 11th in the world in the next 10 years) and the path of naturalization in Australia as soon as possible.

In parallel with the implementation of many consultancy channels, Gold Land Australia has held large-scale seminars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on these three areas. The seminar will be provided by Australian speakers who are investment experts, real estate professionals, immigration lawyers, information providers, secretaries, and all customer inquiries. enthusiastic and detailed.

If you are interested in buying a house, investing in real estate or residing in Australia please contact us for more information please contact Hotline 0911.899.595 (Hanoi) – 0911.899.597 (HCMC).

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