Victoria will have rainy, windy, snow and hail over the weekend

As a result, the cold air will enter Victoria at the end of the day carrying rain, wind, hail and snow in the highlands.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicts snow may fall thick, covering the entire area at the end of Saturday and Sunday morning.

In addition, meteorologist Dean Stewart has warned of possible hail and thunderstorms in almost every part of the state this Saturday, so it’s pretty cool this weekend.

Tiểu bang Victoria sẽ có mưa, gió rét, tuyết và mưa đá vào cuối tuần

According to Stewart, people can see snow falling over 500 meters in the Otways Mountains, the Dandenongs and even some hills around Ballarat.

“If people want to see snow, it’s probably on Sunday,” Stewart said.

Forecasts, the highest temperature is 12 degrees Celsius on Sunday, but people will feel much colder due to the cold winds.

Depending on the number of snowstorms forecast by meteorologists, the snow cover may be 3-5 cm in the high hills of Otways.

It is known that the Otways experienced extensive snowfalls on September 5, 2017 in the Lorne, Beech Forest, Ferguson, Barramunga, Deans Marsh, Cape Otway and Forrest.

On average, this area will have snow once a year.

Victoria will have rainy, windy, snow and hail over the weekend
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