Understand Australia’s entry ban for each type of visa

With illegal residents or waiting to receive a legal visa, the ban on entry into Australia will be a huge obstacle to realizing Australia’s dream of settling.

This is a prohibited period, not allowing a person to return to Australia for a period of three years. Immigration restrictions apply when an applicant violates the conditions of their visa.

An Australian immigration ban will apply if:

1. Overdue visa holding more than 28 days.

2. Visa is canceled because:

  • You provided false or misleading information to the Australian Interior Ministry.
  • Your health is not guaranteed, you disrupt the order of safety in the Australian community.
  • You are convicted under federal, state or Australian law.
  • You violate visa conditions, for example work while visa does not allow.
  • You have a student visa but do not enroll properly, violate other visa conditions, or are found not to be a student.
  • You have a tourist visa but are not found in Australia as a real tourist.

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3. Leave Australia when living illegally.

4. Leave Australia while holding a Bridging C, D, E visa after a 28-day visa expires.

If you hold a valid visa while in Australia the entry ban will not apply. If you already have or have a Bridging C, D or E visa issued after the expiration of your main visa (for example, student visa, travel) for more than 28 days, a three-year entry ban may apply.

What type of visa does the visa ban mean?

Australia’s immigration ban is generally applicable to temporary visa applications, such as travel, study and work, but does not preclude your permanent resident visa. However, the Australian Department of Home Affairs may make it more difficult to review your immigration history when issuing future visa decisions.

Can the Australian immigration ban be lifted?

The Australian immigration ban can not be lifted. If you apply for a temporary visa and are prohibited from entry, you can apply for a visa exemption. You must write a written statement to the Australian Department of Home Affairs explaining why the immigration ban should be waived. You can file an exemption for a visa exemption at the time of applying for a visa or after filing an application without a decision.

Applications will only be considered if you can prove there are compelling or convincing circumstances. These affect the benefit of an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. The Australian Department of Home Affairs must be persuaded and approved to issue a visa before the expiration of the visa ban period, otherwise your visa application will be rejected.

If the immigration ban is exempt from this visa application, you will still need to meet all other visa requirements including personal health and personal information requirements for a visa. It is better to comply with your visa conditions and not be overdue visa will not be prohibited entry into Australia.

Understand Australia’s entry ban for each type of visa
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