Transfers to Northern Territory will receive $15,000

The Australian Government offers a number of priority policies to encourage immigration to Northern Australia, such as adding more skilled immigrants to the settlement list and providing up to $ 15,000 for those who wish to settle in.

The government says it will invest $ 9.3 million to attract more immigrants to Northern Territory, where families will be supported over $ 15,000 if they live and work five years. Northern Australia.

The policy is included in the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018-2028, which the government hopes to boost its economy, creating an additional 21,000 new jobs and adding $ 10.4 billion to the economy. Northern Australia in the next decade.

Người chuyển đến lãnh thổ Bắc Úc sẽ được hỗ trợ 15.000 đô la

This incentive package includes relocation allowances, one-time payment for living expenses and a five-year paycheck will be provided to individuals, couples or families moving to Northern Australia.

Accordingly, for the cost of resettlement, individuals will receive $ 3,000, spouses receive $ 6,000 and families receive $ 7,000. A one-time $ 1,250 one-time living allowance will be issued six months after you move to Northern Australia, which will be used for expenses incurred such as vehicle registration fees, child care fees, and dining expenses.

After 5 years of living, families will receive $ 7,000 in bonus money, individuals receive $ 3,000 and couples receive $ 6,000.

Add 53 jobs to the list of skilled settlers

In addition, 53 occupations have been included in the high-skilled workforce list, including accountants, restaurant managers, programmers and mechanical engineers.

This strategy is based on a study by Charles Darwin University, which found five years as a milestone that, if surpassed, would likely stay longer.

Forecasts show that the population in Northern Territory is likely to fall 0.7% in the fiscal year. This population plan is aimed at keeping the number free from further declines and will return to an average of 1.4%.

If this level is reached, it is likely to create 21,000 jobs and more than $ 10 billion will be injected into the local economy.

If you are interested in settling in Australia in Northern Territory or any other Australian country, please contact Gold Land Australia by Hotline 0911.899.595 – 0911.899.597 for detailed advice.

Transfers to Northern Territory will receive $15,000
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