The best jobs in Australia in 2018

Technology, construction, health care and health care are the jobs of increasing demand in Australia.

Indeed has surveyed tens of thousands of job postings to identify high-paying jobs, job titling, so job seekers can make the right choice for their future careers. More than half of the positions earn an average of $ 100,000 and all exceed $ 80,000.

Những công việc tốt nhất ở Úc năm 2018


The top-of-the-line job is a lead teacher with a remarkable increase over the past three years in the context of a lack of experienced and professional teachers. The average basic salary of a professional teacher is $ 92,273.


Next is technology. Full stack programmers are the leader in the growth of information technology. Data scientists, technology assistants and information systems managers are the highest paid professions; with the highest paid technology assistant on the list of IT-related jobs – an average of $ 141,738.

Health and health care

In addition, the increased demand for health care makes it possible for careers in the medical field to become one of the best jobs in Australia. The average salary for a managerial position in the health sector is $ 110,518.


The real estate and construction sectors are also on the shortfall due to high demand. Skilled carpenters, electricians along with landscape architects, site engineers and technical assessors are the highest paid professions in the construction industry.

The best jobs in Australia in 2018
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