New Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Ambition hidden behind peace

Scott Morrison, a pragmatist conservative politician, became Australia’s 30th prime minister after Malcolm Turnbull lost ground in the ruling party.

Mr Morrison has been identified as one of the moderate members of the ruling conservative party in Australia. He won 45/85 votes in front of former Interior Minister Peter Dutton in the party’s internal vote on Aug. 24, marking the current turmoil in Australian politics.

This is the second vote this week to elect a new leader after Turnbull lost most of his Liberal party credentials. Turnbull himself is in power after the internal coup in 2015, overthrowing predecessor Tony Abbott.

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As an ally of the former prime minister, Morrison once stood up to defend Turnbull against the attack of former interior minister Dutton. “I am totally supportive of the (Turnbull) prime minister,” he said.

However, while Turnbull and Dutton vied for the leadership of the ruling party, Morrison quietly campaigned for the support of the members. The media said he was ambitious and had never stood outside any power struggle.

Morrison shows himself to be “a man of faith and a family able to fulfill his duties,” but judging his ambition and good will can become a weakness.

Religious people have a tough position on immigration

Scott Morrison, also known as ScoMo, was born on May 13, 1968 in Bronte, Sydney’s southern suburbs, famous for its churches and lack of cultural diversity. His father was a police officer and later became head of the town of Waverley, a suburb of eastern Sydney.

In childhood, Mr. Morrison has been playing commercials. Upon completion of the program, he majored in applied geoeconomics at the University of New South Wales.

The new prime minister of Australia is devout. He met his partner at a church when he was young and the couple went on to marry when he was 21. He said his recent victory came from “the great inspirations of my life: family and faith.”

Morrison served as finance minister until he became the ruling party leader, which meant he became Australia’s 30th prime minister. He will lead the Liberal Party towards the general election scheduled for next year.

Jill Sheppard, a political scientist at the Australian National University, said Morrison was one of the “most conservative members of the moderate wing” in the Australian ruling party. “He’s been excellent in standing between factions for decades,” Sheppard said.

Other experts say Morrison’s assessment of “moderate” shows that conservative bias in Australia is increasingly on the right.

It’s amazing that Scott Morrison is considered a moderate candidate, “said Susan Harris-Rimmer, a law professor at Griffith University. “He is a very conservative politician who values ​​law and order.”

Similarly, in a recent internal vote, Peter Dutton, the new prime minister, drew attention because of his tough position on immigrants. After the sinking of a refugee boat on the way to Australia in 2012, Mr Morrison infuriated the Australian government for spending taxpayers’ assistance on relatives of the dead.

In 2013, he became Secretary of Immigration and Border Protection under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In this capacity, he worked hard to prevent refugees from arriving in Australia by enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy for immigrants using this method.

The United Nations and many human rights groups have repeatedly denounced the refugee camp policy off the coast of Australia.

Leadership without vision?

Mr Morrison became the finance minister in Australia in 2015. During this time he dealt with budget deficits by cutting back on government spending and boosting people’s incomes rather than raising the tax.

Tân thủ tướng Úc Scott Morrison: Tham vọng ẩn sau sự ôn hòa

“This is purely a conservative approach. He’s settled fairly well for difficult situations, but does not show real vision, “said Richard Holden, a professor of economics at the University of New South Wales.

Professor Sheppard does not appreciate Mr. Morrison’s vision. “He will not offer any noticeable development path to Australia,” she said. However, Morrison’s policy is still seen as contributing to the Australian economy over the years.

Over the past 10 years, no Australian prime minister has served his term. The constant fluctuations of Australian politics have kept allies out of the spotlight and made voters angry when their elected leaders were repeatedly ousted during internal meetings.

Compared to previous “coups”, the past week was considered “particularly messy and unpredictable,” according to the New York Times.

“This event is really unprecedented. There has not been a prime minister since John Howard, who took office in 2007, to assume the post of president until the end of his term, “said Michael Fullilove, director of the Australian-based Lowy Research Institute. “The government of the prime minister does not seem to know how to use power. They spend most of their time struggling to survive. ”

The question posed to the BBC is whether Scott Morrison will hold the post of prime minister.

New Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Ambition hidden behind peace
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