Australia closes a large refugee camp to end illegal immigration

This is done by the Australian Government in the framework of implementing tough policies to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

According to Australian Interior Ministry spokesman David Coleman, the center is currently closed, about 30 refugees have been transferred to refugee camps in Australia over the weekend.

Úc đóng cửa trại tị nạn lớn nhằm chấm dứt nhập cư trái phép

This is an important part of the Australian government’s efforts to stop the trafficking of refugees, including migrants who have been sent to Christmas Island and other refugee camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. .

It is known that migrant ships depart almost daily from locations in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, bringing with them desperate people from Afghanistan and the Middle East. Even on the road to the new land, many of these ships were sunk.

By the end of 2013, under the Australian Government’s zero tolerance policy, migrant ships are forcibly returned and refugees are forbidden. Coleman said the peak of the refugee camp in July 2013 was more than 10,000, including 2,000 children.

The refugee camp, located about 2,300 km northwest of Perth, was founded in 2008. It has been home to a number of deadly riots and suicides and sexual abuse since. when put into operation.

It is known that the number of suicides in the camp so much that the camp staff must always carry the knife to be able to cut the rope to save the hangman himself.

Australia closes a large refugee camp to end illegal immigration
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