What’s investment in Australia for the best return with 1,000,000 dollars?

Vietnamese investors often invest abroad with long-term goals to maximize profits, many people choose to invest in Australia because of the stable economy, strict laws and close distance to manage …

Với 1 triệu đô la, đầu tư ở Úc như thế nào để có lợi nhuận tốt nhất?

What’s Australian investment like with $ 1 million for the best return?

Investing in businesses, real estate or commercial services in Australia are attractive investments. If investing in a business or commercial service requires you to learn about the market, business management style and consumption of your customers … then investing in Australian real estate is simpler and easier. Investors are prioritized by safety and simplicity. According to experts’ prediction, commercial real estate will be a better investment channel than houses and apartments in the coming years.

Tom Barnier, director of Cushman & Wakefield, thinks the office real estate market is the most competitive type in Australia. If you have 1 million dollars, you can get an office of about 100 square meters. With a west or south area about 10-15 km from the city center, there are more options and certainly cheap prices.

Ray White Queensland CEO Mark Creevey said that when the land is undeveloped, not subdivision is the best start for investors with $ 1 million. In areas where there are signs of growth in local population and economic development but have not yet developed a project, the first investor will have an advantage when investing in large projects with low value and value. The growth is high again because of the growth in housing demand in the future.

Warehouse for rent and industrial workshop

Với 1 triệu đô la, đầu tư ở Úc như thế nào để có lợi nhuận tốt nhất?

Ray White Queensland Sales and Leasing Director Paul Anderson said: “We let the small industrial workers or rent out the warehouse. Supply-demand factors will essentially increase the value of the lots. Currently, in the short to medium term, for example a warehouse area of 1378 m2 has a market price of USD 1,050,000. ”

Land in project development area

Ray White Queensland’s chief executive said a number of large development groups have consolidated the lands and worked on solutions to provide infrastructure. This will create opportunities for investors to purchase real estate at rural prices, which after development can become viable, medium-term development plots allowing for strong capital growth.


Với 1 triệu đô la, đầu tư ở Úc như thế nào để có lợi nhuận tốt nhất?

Cushman & Wakefield are selling retail and office rental properties in North Sydney, with the smallest area in the complex (38 square meters) expected to sell for around $ 1 million.

Retail store

Burgess Rawson’s director, Jamie Perlinger, said: “All you can do with $ 1 million in Melbourne at the moment is to buy a well-located retail store and a tenant to You can invest $ 1 million anywhere if there is growth in the future, and find a long-term tenant in any market. Investing … ”

Burgess Rawson, for example, is listing a 67-square-meter retail space at Gladstone Park, 15 kilometers from central Melbourne, and rented out until 2020 for $ 950,000.

If you are interested in finding out or need to invest in Australia, please contact the Australian Golden Land for more detailed advice.

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