Tighten Australian investment regulations for foreigners

The Australian government has announced a tightening of investment rules in Australia for foreigners buying agricultural land and power infrastructure in Australia.

Úc siết chặt quy định đầu tư đối với người nước ngoài

As a result, when buying agricultural land worth more than $ 15 million ($ 12 million), foreign investors need to prove that the property was previously offered for sale to Australians for a month, Give them enough opportunity to buy.

Australian Treasury Secretary Scott Morrison said Australia continues to welcome foreign investment in its agricultural land provided it does not go against its national interests.

The Australian government is also tightening control over foreign investors buying power infrastructure through the implementation of a series of new restrictions.

Minister Morrison emphasized that the distribution and transmission infrastructure is an important asset of the nation. The Australian Government is committed to implementing an open foreign investment regime that balances the management of national security risks with the promotion of employment opportunities and the creation of conditions for economic growth.

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