What’s the difference about Australian immigration investment in 2021?

In the last months of 2020, Australia successfully controlled Covid-19 and is on the verge of economic recovery. This is the time when investors should prepare well to successfully immigrate to Australia in 2021.

The Covid-19 translation changed many areas in Australia, including immigration. Because of the devastation of Covid-19, Australia is in need and ready to create conditions for international investors to immigrate together with the government of this country to revive the economy.

Australian Golden Land Company specializes in settling in Australia as a business investment, so in this article we will only cover these areas.

What’s different about Australia in 2021?

By the year 2021, the Australian government will have more changes to the business immigration status (visas 188 and 132), there is a high possibility that the minimum investment capital will increase and some other conditions.

On October 6, the Australian Department of the Interior announced an increase in the quota (quota) for these two visas from 6,862 to 13,500 visas. The purpose of increasing visa quota is to attract more investors and businessmen to contribute to economic development, helping Australia to recover quickly from the epidemic.

What's the difference about Australian immigration investment in 2021?

Increasing the number of visas also opens the door to Australian immigration for you and your family, so you should start preparing today to apply as soon as possible.

Some policies have applied:

  • Visa 188A (temporary residence): The investor will be extended more time to satisfy conditions for permanent residence (PR).
  • Visa 188B (temporary residence): Investors can withdraw money from bond investments ahead of time and still satisfy the conditions to apply for permanent residence (PR).
  • Visa 188C: This profile is considered by the Australian government for fast review.

Some policies may apply in the coming time:

  • Visa 132A: The Australian Government may stop this visa or change to another visa in a direction more favorable to Australia.
  • Visa 188B and 188C: The Australian Government is considering proposing to increase the minimum investment amount for these two visas, in addition to the 188B visa category may be changed from bond investment to investment form funds.

Looking at the current situation, it can be seen that Australia is prioritizing the 188A and 132A visa approval categories if the applications of these two categories show activities that will contribute to Australia’s economic recovery, or the development of health care. sick here.

Temporary 188B and 188C visas are assessed to be stable and not affected by any policies.

188B visa with the form of investment in Australian government bonds, so it is not tied to the conditions of business and revenue, so it is currently the first choice for many investors.

Particularly, investors under 188A or 132A visa will need to regularly update information to prepare correct, complete, detailed documents and submit on time.

The aforementioned policies and changes may apply to the new fiscal year starting July 1, 2021, so you and your family should prepare the application to submit before March 2021 to compete. with existing advantages.

Because of the large backlog of Australian immigration documents, Immigration Australia will need time to slowly process new applications (except for” strong “applications that are prepared in detail), so no Few applications are submitted in April but will not be accepted until August.

The advantages of the Australian immigration investment program are visa 188 and 132

Australian immigration on 188 and 132 visas will bring investors / entrepreneurs (collectively, applicants) the following benefits:

  • Enjoy full rights of indigenous people except the right to vote. If you want to have the same rights as an Australian, after having permanent residence (PR) the applicant will take the test for Australian Citizenship (quite easy). For the most recent information see here: The Australian Citizenship Test will change dramatically from November 2020.
  • Applicants and family members have the freedom to travel, live, study and work in Australia.
  • The whole family is entitled to health care free Medicare.
  • Be entitled to sponsor relatives after a period of living in Australia.
  • The applicant’s children are exempted / reduced tuition fees from elementary school to the end of high school.
  • Freedom to travel between Australia and New Zealand …

In addition, Australia is the country with the second highest concentration of Vietnamese in the world (after the US) and increasingly attracts overseas Vietnamese to migrate.

The reason for this is that this country inherits specific advantages that countries such as the US, Canada, Europe… do not have such as:

  • The environment is pure and pure because it is completely separated from the ocean.
  • The weather and climate are quite similar to Vietnam, so Vietnamese people are more adaptable.
  • The Vietnam-Australia distance is closer than that, so it is convenient to travel between the two countries.
  • Australia is also a civilized democratic country like the US, Canada or Europe, but this country is more secure, there is no (or very rare) ethnic or religious discrimination …
  • The world-famous Australian education (for example, the contestants who won the first prize of the Road to Olympia program on Vietnamese television will be sponsored to study in Australia), dozens of universities are in the TOP universities. best in the world for many years in a row …
  • Australia’s second most popular passport in the world, can travel to 129 countries without a visa. For more details, please see here: Australian passport is in the TOP most powerful in the world in 2020.

With these advantages and advantages, you and your family must have the information needed to answer the question why the rich often want to settle in Australia? If you are in doubt and want to know more details, please contact Hotline 0911.899.595 (Hanoi) – 0911.899.593 (Da Nang) – 0911.899.597 (Ho Chi Minh City), or fill out online consulting information via the following form. .

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