The Australian way of life is getting harder and harder with skilled visas

The demand for permanent residency in Australia has been increasing in recent years, but not everyone has the financial and operational background to settle in business and investment.

Instead, they have to choose the way to settle in Australia through a skilled visa – a visa category suitable for most international students and people in Vietnam. Visas for skilled visas are not too difficult, but as of now, the Australian government has consistently put in place tightening policies on these visas because skilled immigrants have Greatly affect the unemployment rate of Australian citizens.

Con đường định cư Úc ngày càng khó khăn với visa tay nghề

Changes in the requirements of skilled visas make it more difficult for international students and immigrants to have temporary skilled visas, and one-half to seek new directions to reach the Australian dream. . A large number of students and immigrants have flocked to Tasmania and the ACT in the hope of a better path to permanent residency.

But after a series of changes, including increased demands for work experience in Tasmania, and a number of occupations in the ACT, the residents once again lost hope. Tasmania has increased the work experience requirement to 6 months compared to 3 months previously for those seeking state visa waiver (489) and state sponsored state visa (190). Meanwhile, the ACT has stopped accepting applications for a number of careers, including Accounting and IT. It also stopped accepting applications for permanent resident visa (190) for foreigners.

These changes are worrying and frustrating for many, especially those who have moved to these two states to look for opportunities. Each state and territory has its own migration program and can guarantee skilled workers to meet the needs of the workforce. Those who are guaranteed will be added some points in the immigration records. Visa applicants, including international students, began pouring into ACT and Tasmania as other states became increasingly competitive.

Last year the Home Office created a new visa program for New Zealand citizens living in Australia. According to the program, 10,000 seats have been reserved for New Zealand citizens in Australia, which means that the number of student and other international work visas must be reduced.

And yet these challenges have not ended since July 1, 2015, the Australian government raised the minimum score for skilled migration visas to 65, which made many of the 60-point submissions now available. I temporarily postponed my Australian dream.

The Australian way of life is getting harder and harder with skilled visas
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