Melbourne and Sydney may not receive skilled trainees

New Morrison’s government is considering a plan to force Australian immigrants to spend five years outside Melbourne and Sydney to help reduce the population density in the country’s two largest cities.

The decision to force new immigrants to settle in areas other than Melbourne and Sydney is part of a new immigrant program that has been part of the former Turnbull cabinet since last week, and is preparing to be moved. to his new cabinet Scott Morrison.

Melbourne và Sydney sẽ không tiếp nhận người nhập cư mới trong 5 năm

Two government sources have confirmed the mandatory five-year residence deadline. Currently, Melbourne and Sydney have a migrant population of nearly 90% of all new arrivals. A senior cabinet source said the deadline was discussed before the political turmoil that led to the resignation of Malcolm Turnbull.

This program is known to apply for some types of work visa or family sponsorship, but in some cases it will also apply to refugees. The 5-year period is based on research showing that this is the threshold that immigrants have with their communities, jobs, children’s education and will decide where they will be.

Mr Morrison, who supports immigration as the key to economic development, is said to have signed the initial program, but it appears he will have to revisit this policy before launching a new cabinet.

Of the 112,000 skilled migrants who arrived in Australia last year, 87% chose Melbourne and Sydney as their living quarters.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott raised concerns about the deteriorating quality of life in Sydney and called for a reduction in the number of migrants to 80,000 per year until it was lowered. The base keeps pace with the population growth.

Morrison then opposed the idea, arguing that this would cost the state budget around $ 4-5 billion over four years as a result of stagnating economic development, fueled by migration.

Melbourne and Sydney may not receive skilled trainees
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