Is it easier to settle in Queensland?

Australian immigration to Queensland to facilitate the start of a new life is the choice of many immigrants.

About the state of Queensland

Queensland (QLD) is the second largest and third most populous state in Australia. The state is located northeast of the Australian mainland, bordering South Australia, New South Wales and the Pacific.

The state of Queensland has a population of more than 4.7 million (2014). The capital and largest city is Brisbane, which is also the third most populous city in Australia. The state has 10 of Australia’s 30 largest cities and is the nation’s third-largest economy.

Due to its close proximity to the equator, Queensland’s climate is comparable to that of Vietnam, with sub-tropical climate, warm weather year-round, so Queensland is known as the “sunshine state.” With affordable living costs, civilized life and advanced social welfare, Queensland is the ideal choice for immigration purposes.

Brisbane is one of the real estate markets that attracts investors.
Brisbane is one of the real estate markets that attracts investors.

The problem settled in Queensland

Often Vietnamese residing in Australia through the two most common are resident business investment visa and permanent resident visa. A plus point for Queensland is the priority policy for settlement.

Each year, the Australian Government sets a target of a certain number of immigrants: overseas students studying abroad, working or investing in small cities with sparsely populated residents will receive five immigrant priority points. Therefore, choosing a city far from the center and sparsely populated areas will improve your chances of settling in Australia.

At the Australian Settlement Investment Conference held in Hanoi and HCMC, Queensland government representative Greg McKean shared that Queensland has an advanced social welfare system, that people are treated For free, children are exempted from full tuition fees from elementary to high school and prioritized at top universities.

The cost of living in Queensland is quite pleasant, typically at $ 438,425 in real estate properties in Brisbane, while real estate in Sydney is $ 807,500.

The domain called Brisbane is “a benchmark for affordable housing,” with 92 median price areas in first-home buyers’ purchasing power, below $ 392,000. Nicola Powell, Group Domain Group analyst, said Brisbane is one of the best real estate markets for first-time Australian home buyers across the state and territory.

Owen Small, a immigration law expert, said that Queensland was one of the fastest performing immigrants in a single week to review.

Currently, the most popular forms of immigration for businessmen in Queensland are the most common 188 Visa Business Visa, 188 Visa Investment Area and 132 Visa. In which:

  • Visa 188 Entrepreneurship requires the applicant to establish and operate a business in Australia with a minimum capital of AUD $ 200,000.
  • Visa 188 Investment Area requires applicants to invest a minimum of AUD 1.5 million in Australian government bonds and be repaid in 4 years.
  • Visa 132 requires the applicant to establish and operate a business in Australia, or to invest in real estate items with a minimum capital of AUD $ 1.5 million.

Visa 188 (both visas) is a temporary visa and investors need to maintain their business or investment for 2 years before applying for a Visa 888 (permanent resident). With Visa 132, investors are entitled to permanent permanent residents.

In addition to the choice of visa, the choice of city and place of residence to settle is also very important. Compared to other major cities, Queensland State in general and the capital of Brisbane in particular is a destination for ideas for welfare, business or investment, thanks to the advantages of living costs, employment opportunities and especially Immigration policy compared to Sydney and Melbourne.

Peaceful but no less luxuries of Queensland.
Peaceful but no less luxuries of Queensland.

In order to help Australia’s investment in Queensland, Australia’s Golden Land will assist investors in establishing their businesses in Australia and completing their Queensland residency. Especially for the visa 132, Gold Land Australia’s partner companies will provide advice on real estate investment in Queensland, organize real-time tours, travel with customers and Handles all issues arising.

In order to accurately and timely understand Australian investment programs in general and Queensland in particular, please contact us via hotline 0911 899 595 – 0911 899 597.

Is it easier to settle in Queensland?
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