DIBP will accelerate the processing of applications for citizenship

Australian Immigration Minister David Coleman has confirmed that he will increase his manpower to handle over 200,000 records.

Mr David Coleman said the time taken to process applications for Australian citizenship would be shortened as the ministry added more workers after receiving criticism for slowing down the number of applications. David Coleman, newly appointed Minister for Immigration and Citizenship after Interior Minister Peter Dutton was dismissed, said there would be a major change in the process.

Coleman told reporters in Melbourne: “In the past few months we have made significant improvements in the processing of applications, especially in the first two months of this fiscal year – July and May. 8 had 21,000 files resolved compared to only 9,000 in the same period last year. ”

He said the ministry has added more than 150 people this year to handle the workload. He also confirmed that the process of solving a number of visas including student visas and investment visas was also shortened.

The Australian Department of Immigration received a lot of criticism as more than 200,000 dossiers left over in April, leaving individuals waiting for up to 16-19 months.

Coleman explained the delays in processing citizenship records due to the need to strengthen security and control measures.

The number of backlogs soared from 81,000 last June to 200,000 this year after the government announced a proposed national law amendment, including increasing the waiting time for permanent residents and English exam.

The Labor Party and the Greens and some liberal senators opposed the above-mentioned government proposals and as a result the bill was not passed by the Senate.

However, the Australian Minister of Immigration said the government is still consulting some of the elements of the bill, and will return to Congress, but he has not given any indication of how long it will take.

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DIBP will accelerate the processing of applications for citizenship
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