Development planning to meet the wave of Australian settlers

Australia’s prime minister said Melbourne and other major cities had to plan the city to meet the growing population and the Australian wave.

Many celebrities warn that Australia is at risk of losing its lifestyle due to the growing number of immigrants and calling on the government to restrict immigration as the population exceeds the 25 million mark.

However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the demographic information was “unrelated statistics”. He asserted that Australian settlement policy was far more meaningful than the simplistic interpretation of many.

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According to Prime Minister Morrison’s analysis, four out of 10 people in Australia are temporary residents, four are natural and only two are permanent.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data show that Morrison was right. In 2017 Australia’s population increased by 1.6% (388,000 people), of which 38% were natural increase and in the remaining 62%, the number of temporary residents is much greater than the number of permanent residents.

According to Morrison, the average increase in population is just as important as average rainfall. Australia can limit population growth and accept no more economic growth or social cohesion, or choose to increase the number of Australian settlers but take advantage of this resource on a hands-on basis. job creation, employment opportunities and priority areas far from the center.

Trends in Australia remain concentrated in major cities, for example 2017 two-thirds of immigrants (165,000) have arrived in Melbourne and Sydney. Soaring population means less traffic. Many argue that the only solution is to reduce immigration but Morrison maintains that the problem is urban development planning.

Melbourne authorities have completed the first phase of the Monash Highway project and continue to invest in West Gate transportation infrastructure projects. The West Gate project will include the construction of a Yarravile tunnel linking the West Gate Highway to the Maribyrnong River and building a bridge over the river, following the highways at Footscray and heading for Melbourne.

In Melbourne from 2016 to 2017, 9,200 people from other cities moved to Sydney, while Sydney lost 18,100. Melbourne is continuing its journey to become Australia’s largest city and is poised to welcome new Australian immigrants. In the future, West Melbourne will be a priority area for expansion of the city and a hot spot for real estate projects to meet growing demand.

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Development planning to meet the wave of Australian settlers
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