What to do to increase your Australian ability to live?

Looking for a chance to settle down in Australia after graduation is the goal of most of those who have been to and will be studying in Australia, but what needs to be done to improve the ability to obtain permanent residency to easily become Australian citizenship. everyone knows.

What is an Australian Permanent Resident (PR)?

The permanent resident is a permanent resident visa holder but not an Australian citizen. Residents have the right to live, work and study in Australia without restriction and to enjoy most of the rights and obligations of an Australian citizen.

In addition, permanent residents are also entitled to Medicare health insurance, which is much lower than international students and offers more scholarship options – The Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) is for Australian citizens only.

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What is the difference between an Australian resident and an Australian citizen?

Permanent Residents have most of the rights and benefits of Australian citizens except for the following:

  • Australians have the right to freely enter and leave Australia, but permanent residents who wish to travel internationally need to have a valid permanent resident visa to return to Australia as a permanent resident.
  • Australian citizens have the right to vote in elections, but in most cases permanent residents do not have this right.

How to become an Australian permanent resident?

There are many ways to become an Australian permanent resident, however, for most newly graduated students, the most popular choice is an independent degree (189 visa). Visa 189 is a “scoring” visa for skilled workers aged 18-49 and is not guaranteed by business owners, relatives or state and territory governments.

This visa allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. To apply for this type of visa, the field of study you are enrolled in must be in the medium and long-term strategic industry category (MLTSSL). In addition, state visa categories such as 190 visas and 489 visas are becoming more popular, especially for students enrolled in occupations not included in the Australian occupation preference list.

What to do to improve your chances of becoming an Australian permanent resident?

Stay in Australia after graduation

You can take the time to develop your English skills and gain experience working in Australia after completing your course by applying for a temporary visa (visa 485). This is a chance for you to accumulate Points Points for permanent resident visas.

Enhancing professional qualifications

You can accrue additional points by taking higher degrees because the higher the score, the higher the score for you on the scale. For example, the Diploma only gives you 10 points while your Bachelor degree can get 15 points, the Doctor degree is 20 points.

Improved English proficiency

In the Points Test, the higher the level of English, the more points. Specifically, if you qualify for “Proficient” (IELTS 7.0 or equivalent), you will receive an additional 10 points, while if you have a “Superior” (IELTS 8.0 or equivalent) will receive 20 points.

Study in the sparsely populated area

If you have been studying for 2 years or more in a sparsely populated (Australian government), you may be eligible to receive 5 more points in the region.

Consider age

Your age can have a big impact on your overall score when applying for a permanent visa. Age 25-32 is the age of the highest score with 30 points, while if you are over 44 will not get any points at all.

Search for career jobs

You may receive an additional 5 EOI points if you have a 1 year experience working in Australia in your field of study. So take advantage of the 485 visa to find the right professional work to accumulate more points, in addition to experience working outside Australia can also be recognized and help you have more business Experiment.

Complete the Professional Year program

This is a program designed to help Accounting, Engineering and IT graduates have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and practical experience in the workplace environment in Australia. Completing this 12-month course can earn you 5 points in the Points Test.

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