Application for Australian citizenship increases in 2018

The need to become an Australian citizen has never been so high, as many applicants have to wait at least a year and a half before becoming an Australian citizen.

Sona Iplani and her husband and 11-year-old daughter want to be called Australian since leaving India for Sydney five years ago, and determined it would be a difficult journey to achieve the dream of going through many procedures. papers and waiting in the wear and tear.

Nhiều đơn xin quốc tịch Úc phải đợi ít nhất 1 năm rưỡi trước khi được xét duyệt.
Nhiều đơn xin quốc tịch Úc phải đợi ít nhất 1 năm rưỡi trước khi được xét duyệt.

However, for her, the waiting time was paid off by the fact that all family members now have Australian citizenship.

Iplani did not hide her joy, like her first arrival in Australia: “I thought it was not just paper, it made me feel like This is my hometown while India is my native land. After living here for many years, I have fallen in love with the diverse culture, country and people of Australia. ”

Iplani’s family was granted a citizen certificate in August, 1818 after 10 months of filing and waited. The results are faster than expected, making everyone happy. But not everyone is as lucky as Iplani’s family.

According to the latest data from the Australian Interior Ministry, the processing time for applications for citizenship has increased significantly in recent months. Approximately 90% of applications have to wait at least 17 months from the date of submission.

Immigration officer Julie Williams said many of his clients were uneasy about this, as some Australian citizens are not simply traveling tickets but are also considered valuable assets. Years of residency in Australia.

“This is really a challenging time. It really makes people think, “Can Australia still need me?” Because if people are not granted Australian citizenship they will be disappointed, “said Julie Williams.

Hồ sơ đang chờ xét duyệt quốc tịch Úc năm 2018 tăng gấp 8 lần so với năm 2015.
Hồ sơ đang chờ xét duyệt quốc tịch Úc năm 2018 tăng gấp 8 lần so với năm 2015.

Long waiting times also mean that the number of people applying for citizenship is growing. The Australian Department of Home Affairs says nearly 190,000 applications are awaiting approval. Compared to the year 2015, this number is only 23,000.

The main cause of this is that the Australian government is tightening its inspection and review process for security reasons. Whilst those who qualify for Australian citizenship are increasing, it is understandable.

This delay also leads to significant consequences, such as job search as well as future study and career choices for children of migrant families.

Williams added that each day was an extra day for the applicant to be frightened. When one does not know for sure where the future will go, it is difficult to set the future. That is not to mention the legal disadvantages.

“We have a lot of clients with their children who have been educated in Australia during high school, now want to join the army but not simply because they are not citizens. Australia. ”

As a person who has lived through the waiting period, Sona Iplani reassures those who are awaiting the application for citizenship that if the application is valid sooner or later will also be in the hands of a citizen. Because she believed that “after the rain and it was light,” it was this difficulty that made us more and more proud to hold the Australian citizenship certificate.

Please contact hotline 0911 899 595 – 0911 899 597 for more information.

Application for Australian citizenship increases in 2018
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