Project Waterside (Melbourne)

The Waterside project is located on the Officer suburb (about 50 minutes from south east of Melbourne) expected to become one of the busiest development areas.

Dự án Waterside (Melbourne)

The Waterside project will bring you an ideal life with luxurious amenities that are harmoniously combined with nature. Homes are designed and built according to the latest trends in the future to European standards.

Traffic systems in the project and the house are arranged in harmony. Lakes of harmony and romantic lakeside roads … will bring you and your family the most enjoyable experience.

Dự án Waterside (Melbourne)


  • Monash University (Berwick campus): 9.5km (11 min drive)
  • Chisholm Academy: 8.5 km (12 min drive)
  • St John of God Berwick Hospital: 8.2 km (11 min drive)
  • Casey Hospital: 11.3 km (13 min drive)
  • Berwick Elementary School: 8.5 km (12 min drive)
  • Beaconsfield Elementary School: 6.4 km (9 min drive)
  • St Francis Xavier High School (grades 10-12): 12 km (15 min drive)
  • St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School: 3.5 km (6 min drive)
  • Officer Primary School: 3.5 km (6 min drive)
  • Berwick Grammar School: 3.5 km (7 min drive)
  • Heritage College: 3.6 km (6 min drive)
  • St. Francis Xavier College: 2.6 km (5 min drive)
  • Arena Shopping Center: 2 km (4 minutes by car)
  • Medical Center Officer: 1.8 km (3 min drive)
  • Lakeside Square: 1.2 km (3 min drive)
  • Coles Village Lakeside: 3.5 km (6 min drive)

The off-road link system is also very convenient with the Cardinia train station and the nearby motorway. The surrounding community facilities are diverse: elementary schools, public high schools and private elementary schools, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, Arena shopping centers … will meet the needs of life. of the entire population.

Waterside will soon become Melbourne’s most popular suburb, due to the diversity and vibrant of community activities.

Dự án Waterside (Melbourne)


  • Location: 37 Mary St, Melbourne.
  • Design: Townhouse and townhouse.
  • Area: 180 – 310 m2.
  • Bedroom: 2 – 4 bedrooms.
  • Bathroom: 2 – 4 bathrooms.
  • Garage: 1 – 2.
  • Price: 520,000 – 950,000 AUD.


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