Project McGrath PL (Melbourne)

The McGrath PL project includes spacious and comfortable 2-storey townhouses and condos that create an image of a luxurious and luxurious West Melbourne apartment.

Sunshine North is located in the heart of Melbourne, about 11 km west of the administrative center. This place gives the Vietnamese community a modern and vibrant life with convenient transportation only 10 minutes drive to the center.

At a prime location in North Sunshine, about 10 to 11 km from central Melbourne, the McGrath PL project consists of 6 spacious and comfortable townhouses, 7 spacious and comfortable 2-storey townhouses, covering an area of ​​4,000 square meters. Surrounding the garden is the image of a luxury and expensive apartments.

With modern design to create open space for more comfortable life, 7 townhouse (adjacent house) is designed about 1 – 1.5m apart with fence in the middle, giving ventilation and light for your house.

In addition, the McGrath PL project is approximately 5 minutes’ walk from Braybook High School; about 5-7 minutes from Sunshine Hospital; About 3 – 5 minutes from the Asian market; Melbourne’s second largest commercial and entertainment center is about a 10-minute drive away.

Dự án McGrath PL (Melbourne)

This is a good opportunity for Vietnamese investors, as the housing prices in Melbourne as well as the Sunshine, Footscray, Maidstone, St Alban … are rising rapidly. In the past five years, housing prices in these areas have grown by 70 to 100% over the same period last year and all forecasts confirm that this growth will remain stable for at least the next decade. .

Land area: 160 – 300 m2 / House price: 700,000 – 850,000 AUD.

Project McGrath PL (Melbourne)
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