Project Malvern East (Melbourne)

The Malvern East, about 25 minutes south of Melbourne, has been developed by experienced professionals such as Golden Oaks, Truesource, POINT Architects, ARG…

Dự án Malvern East (Melbourne)

The Malvern East is suitable for everyone, whether they are retired or starting a new family … they can feel the fresh environment blending perfectly between urban and suburban lifestyle, culinary culture and interesting cafe or explore the elegant shopping and harmonious.

From the project to the surrounding area is very convenient, especially in the project there is a public bus to Melbourne center. The Monash Expressway is only a few seconds away. Holmesglen Station right in front of your door, you will not have to worry about parking problems in the city. Just a few minutes walk you can explore and buy everything you need at the Chadstone shopping center.

In terms of interior, the apartments in the Malvern East project have 1-2 bedrooms / bathroom. Kitchen space is full of natural light, the bedroom is designed with soft neutral tones, the living room is minimalist but unique and harmonious, the bathroom is luxurious to feel close, cool but homey…


Location: Malvern East, Melbourne, Australia.
Area: 64 – 106 m2.
Bedroom: 1-2 bedrooms.
Bathroom: 1-2 bathrooms.
Garage: Single garage.
Price: 500,000 – 850,000 AUD.


Holmesglen Academy
Malvern Golf
Homemaker Center
Cafe Mr Pilgrim
Fresh food


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