Project Harpley (Melbourne)

The Harpley project is located right next to Werribee’s administrative center – where the Australian government prioritizes investment and planning to expand Melbourne to the west.

Dự án Harpley (Melbourne)

In addition, Harpley takes less than 30 minutes to get to Melbourne CBD with convenient transportation thanks to three different routes, the most convenient of which is the straight highway to the Princess Freeway.

Project overview

The Harpley project began construction in 2014 on a land area of ​​435 hectares to meet the living needs of 12,000 residents with 4,000 villas.

The natural environment plays a leading role in life in Harpley, so Harpley is set up the perfect protection and drainage system so that rainwater flows into lakes and wetlands intertwined with total up to 60 hectares. The riverside walkways for waterfront shopping and dining are also built to create a relaxing space.

Harpley is a leading community in sustainable family life so all homes here will use recycled water through a separate purple water pipeline. Recycled water can be used to flush toilets and water plants. 100 hectares are reserved for open space and 9 hectares for green spaces of parks. All public gardens in Harpley will also be irrigated with recycled water. Space for sports stadiums is built up to 15 hectares.

The facilities surrounding the project are modern and comfortable with a variety of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, specialty shops, community activities centers, kindergartens, maternal and child care services, medium health center and many other professional services.

Dự án Harpley (Melbourne)

Education system

The education system in Harpley is full-time for all ages with two public schools and one private school. At the same time, Harpley is close to schools such as the University of Melbourne’s Werribee Campus and the Victoria Werribee Campus, which include industrial skills training centers.

The Harpley project offers housing options as well as a variety of home addresses to protect your dream home and family. Depending on the area of land, the design of each villa has the number of bedrooms, interior and villa buyers will be different.

Area: 320 – 500 m2 / House price: 500,000 – 600,000 AUD.

Dự án Harpley (Melbourne)


Project Harpley (Melbourne)
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