Settlements & house buying in Australia from a specialist perspective

The need to settle and buy houses in Australia is increasing, but not everyone is fully informed or knowledgeable about these issues, especially as Australian law regularly changes. July 1 every year.

In order to help customers better understand the above issues, Gold Land Australia will hold a seminar on “Settlement & buying house in Australia with expert view” on July 15 in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and July 16 in Hanoi. The talk was attended by real estate professionals and attorneys from reputable Australian law firms, who shared the real estate market in Australia and Melbourne.

Tọa đàm: Định cư & mua nhà ở Úc dưới góc nhìn chuyên gia
Tọa đàm: Định cư & mua nhà ở Úc dưới góc nhìn chuyên gia.


At the seminar, real estate professionals from Australia will share the latest information on the real estate market in recent years, factors of growth potential, growth rate, profitability investment … especially the policies on buying and selling land for foreigners.

Golden Land Australia will introduce key Victorian priority projects to expand Melbourne to the west, the McGrath, Harpley and Harpley 1062 Townhouses project. These projects have stable growth, reasonable prices, flexible payment, favorable location, convenient transportation with a series of buses and freeway. In addition, around the project integrates various utilities such as hospitals, schools of all levels, kindergartens, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, food markets, amusement parks and births. community activities …

As a representative of the investor in Vietnam, the land and property transactions between you and the Australian Gold Land will be through a lawyer in accordance with Australian law. You can either hire a lawyer or use a lawyer we refer to from reputable law firms in Australia. In addition, the projects allow for flexible payment according to construction progress, help you peace of mind and always be financially active, while minimizing the taxes to pay.

Especially, at the seminar we will have attractive incentives for the first 15 customers to register deposit home. You will receive 3,000 – 5,000 AUD, free of charge, or free of charge for investment in FIRB, or a 3-day free visit to Australia to directly visit the project and your home. .


Australian immigration is a legitimate need because everyone desires to live in a developed country, civilized society, stable politics, high quality education, well-being and good social security. to live in a career … from which you and your family will have many opportunities to bring into full play the capacity and qualification for a sustainable future.

At the seminar, a bar association from reputable law firms in Melbourne will talk to you about the situation in Australia in general and Melbourne in particular, providing you with information about Australian immigration policy. , the latest changes to the immigration law after July 1, while being advised the most common and most suitable visa for the Vietnamese …

In addition, the focus of this talk will be to introduce you to all Australian immigrants from AUD $ 200,000. This is the most affordable fee in the current immigration market, but provides a very successful Australian migration opportunity with a 24-month completion period.

Our difference from other units is the cost of living in Australia that is cheaper, clearer and more detailed settlement plan with customers, each client has a lawyer. In-depth and in-depth consultancy and support for free materials … unlike some other units that charge a high settlement, do not let customers know their detailed plan for using their money. , force customers to use their own lawyers …

July 1 is the year the Australian government promulgated new laws, modified by the people and the parliament. This event has a profound impact on all aspects of Australian life, especially for immigrants. There were many of our clients who prepared their applications for permanent residency, but after July 1, the laws changed so they missed the opportunity and had to find other settlements.

The dialogue is open dialogue with objective and multi-dimensional information. You will receive in-depth answers to questions about settling or buying a home in Australia. In each case, we will arrange a separate consultation with you to better understand the conditions of each person, giving accurate, fast and economical settlement.

Throughout the talk you will have more useful information about Australia, as well as a better understanding of buying or settling in this beautiful island country. Gold Coast Australia is hoping to be your bridge to get you closer to your Australian dream.

Settlements & house buying in Australia from a specialist perspective
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