Opportunities & potentiality of Australian immigration and real estate in 2019

The Australian Migration and Real Estate Investment Conference is a valuable opportunity for all customers who have been and will be interested in these areas by useful information from investment professionals, real estate and lawyers from Australia share.

Australia has long been known for its peaceful island nation, fresh environment and beautiful natural landscapes, often in the top of the world’s most worthy nations. With the advantages of land, resources, legal systems and transparent taxation; good wages and social welfare, low unemployment and crime rates, and excellent education… Australia is an ideal destination for investment and settlement of people around the world.

2018 is a relatively successful year for those who invest and buy houses in Australia as the economic growth as well as real estate in the island continues to stabilize as it has been in more than 70 years. However, the immigration sector witnessed the fluctuations as many types of visas were altered, abolished, increased fees or censorship requirements more rigid.

Tiềm năng & cơ hội Đầu tư Định cư - Bất động sản Úc năm 2019

At the workshop in December 2018, we will analyze the potential and opportunities to invest in Australia’s real estate market, along with the most suitable Australian migration routes in 2019.

Australian real estate – colorful market potential

For those who have been exploring the real estate situation in Kangaroo Island know that the real estate market here has grown relatively stable for decades (average 11-15% per year depending on area ).

2018 saw a surge in people buying and investing in real estate in Australia, estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars (according to data from CoreLogic), of which Vietnamese consumers accounted for not a small part.

The majority of Vietnamese people buy real estate in Australia for their families, for their children studying abroad or for rent to earn about 4% – 6% per annum. In addition, a small proportion of customers invest in commercial real estate for business or rent in the form of shophouse, office, restaurant, hotel … with relatively good profit.

At this workshop, we will share new insights into the real estate market in Australia; advice on the conditions and ways of buying real estate in Australia; should buy / invest in any city, at any time in 2019 to maximize profits … In addition, at the seminar we will introduce open sale of some villas, townhouse and apartment projects. Luxury homes in Melbourne, prime locations have been and are government priorities to develop and this is considered an excellent opportunity for Vietnamese customers.

Is it easy to settle in Australia?

It can be said that the year 2018 is a turbulent year when the Australian government launched many policies have a significant impact on the field of migration:

  • March, 2018 Australia eliminated the most famous and popular workforce (457 visa), causing thousands of people to miss the Australian dream and struggling to find alternatives.
  • The two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, are considering not accepting skilled settlers in the near future.
  • Increase parental visa visa fees and increase your applicant’s financial proof (income).
  • Increased fees and severe censorship of a fiancé visa.
  • Priority is given to those wishing to settle in Australia by investing in farmland, agriculture…
  • Staying in Australia for over a period of time (study abroad, travel or investment) will be a very high penalty and will not be returned to Australia after 3-10 years.
  • There is no need to prove financial aid to most Australian public schools, but international students may be expelled if they are delayed, insured or overtime.

In the face of such changes, at the December 2018 Gold Coast Australia Conference will provide you with updates on Australian immigration; share experiences of making Australian visas a high success rate; conditions and procedures for permanent residency in Australia in 2019 (especially for business investment visa); The best way to prepare your visa application …

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