Investment – Settlement – Real Estate in Australia

The “Investment – Settlement – Real Estate Australia” workshop is a special event for those who plan to buy a home – invest in a business – settle down in Australia with direct consultations from Australian experts.

As we all know, Australia is a peaceful country, with social stability and the world’s leading social security policies … so nearly 300,000 Vietnamese people have chosen to live in the “prosperous” myself and my family – the second most populous country in the world after the United States.

Hội thảo: Đầu tư - Định cư - Bất động sản Úc

Vietnamese people to Australia to:

– Tourism: Located between the ocean and strict conservation policies, Australia owns the beautiful natural scenery and the richest flora and fauna in the world.

– Study abroad: Australia is one of the countries with top quality education, with many of the top 100 universities in the world – primarily in the “cultural capital” of Melbourne.

– Work: Australia is a country of “Western civilization” that is close to both the distance and the relationship with Vietnam, so working in Australia is a great opportunity to improve your qualifications and experience. , increasing income, expanding international relationships …

– Business investment: Being a powerful economic power with a large Vietnamese community … Australia is an ideal destination for foreign investors to diversify their businesses. Investing, sharing and mitigating financial risk.

In the above, study abroad, work and investment – business in Australia will help you converge the conditions to be considered for immigration Australia – the ultimate goal of everyone to have a fresh future. bright for myself and my family.

Conference: Investment – Settlement – Real Estate in Australia

In order to update our customers with the latest and most accurate information about Australia after July 1 – the start of the new fiscal year in Australia with a number of laws and policies being issued, Gold Land Australia Workshop on “Investment – Settlement – Real Estate Australia” in Ho Chi Minh City (July 21) and Hanoi (July 22). This is an event for customers planning to buy a home – business investment – to settle in Australia with direct consultations from Australian experts.

At the conference, customers will be:

  • Provide the latest / most accurate information after July 1, 2015 – the start of the new Australian financial year.
  • Sale of villas, high-end condominiums in prime locations in Melbourne is promoted by the Australian government.
  • Introduce areas suitable for Vietnamese people to invest – profitable business stable in Australia.
  • Advising the most suitable visa for Vietnamese students to study, travel, guarantee, investment … settled in Australia.
  • Direct exchange between customers and lawyers and Australian experts.

If you are interested in Australian property – Australian investment – reside in Australia and wish to attend please contact Hotline 0911 899 595 (Hanoi) – 0911 899 597 (HCMC).

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