Investment in Australian real estate market in 2018

The workshop will provide new and important information on the most popular residency visas in 2018, as well as open potential real estate projects in Melbourne.

Australia has long been known for its peaceful island countryside, fresh environment and beautiful natural landscapes, often on the list of most lucrative nations, especially Melbourne – seven years in a row. The 10 most valuable cities in the world.

With advantages in terms of land, resources, tourism and good service; dynamic open economy, legal system and transparent taxation; education, living environment, health, social security and security are more prominent than other developed countries such as the United States, Canada and Europe. a lot of.

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Immigration Australia in 2018 – a paradise in the hands of the Vietnamese

People come to Australia to look forward to a better life, more opportunities to develop themselves and care for the family with excellent living, learning, working and nursing … so the years Recently, the Vietnamese wave of Australian immigration is no longer a novelty.

In 2017, the Australian government changed a number of immigration policies, including canceling 457 visas, increasing fees and reducing the number of visa visas, decreasing age and requiring higher levels of English visas when applying for a visa. The judicial process is rigorous, increasing the difficulty of the nationality test … causing many people intending to immigrate.

Facing these changes, the Australian Gold Land Conference will provide you with the most up-to-date and most important information on residential visa settlements, and advise on the most appropriate options and assistance with making a reservation. You can quickly settle in Australia in 2018.

Australian real estate market in 2018 – potential and opportunity

Not only is it a great country to study, work and settle, but the potential Australian property market is always anticipated by international investors anticipating a boom in 2018.

Nearly 100 years of statistics show that Australian property values ​​have doubled every seven years, especially in Melbourne, with the highest growth rate in the country. According to analysts and forecasts of experts, the Australian real estate market in 2018 continues to grow steadily, the trend is mainly aimed at the type of adjacent villas and high-end apartments because of investment costs. rational head.

At this seminar, Dat Vang Australia will open up potential apartment and townhouse projects with diversified facilities, convenient to live or invest profitably, take advantage of stable land prices in Melbourne.

List of projects to be opened for sale:

* Paragon Project: More than 200 luxury apartments and penthouses priced at 550,000 AUD in central Melbourne – Queen Street.

* Project Amora: 70 townhouse 2-3 floors from 600,000 AUD Cairnlea suburb – about 17 km from the center.
Port Melbourne Project: More than 300 townhouses and high end condominium apartments priced at 380,000 AUD in Melbourne Harbor – about 3 km from the center.

If you are interested in settling in and have real estate interest in Australia you can register for the Australian Property Investment and Real Estate 2018 Workshop on September 9-10, 2017.

Investment in Australian real estate market in 2018
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