Investment in Australia in 2018: Trends of the Vietnamese

Being an ideal country for study, work, business and living … so the investment problem of Australian immigrants – Australian real estate receives special attention of Vietnamese people in 2018.

Đầu tư định cư Úc năm 2018 - Xu hướng hiệu quả của người Việt
Đầu tư định cư Úc, trong đó có bất động sản, nhận được nhiều quan tâm của người Việt.

For many years in the world’s most liveable nation, Melbourne has been honored for seven consecutive years as one of the world’s most liveable cities from 2011 to 2017 and the happiest city in the world in 2018. the advantages of land, resources, tourism and services and dynamic open economies, transparent tax and legal policies, quality of education and living environment, health, social security and security. The United States, Canada, and Europe have become more dominant than other developed countries.

Investment in Australia in 2018 – The way to become an Australian citizen easily and quickly

Doing business in Australia is easy thanks to transparent and formal business protection laws, as evidenced by the fact that Australia is in the top 10 countries to facilitate the world’s most prosperous business ventures … so the environment Business in Australia is rated healthy, safe and competitive.

In addition, the Australian Government offers a wide range of conditions and incentives for businesses (especially small and medium enterprises), policies, procedures, tariffs and other expenses, high technology, agriculture, food and sustainable development.

In recent 10 years, there have been nearly 200,000 overseas Vietnamese in the world (the top 10 in the world), with one quarter of them choosing Australia as their ” USD related to real estate, agriculture and food in Australia for the period 2009 – 2017.

Currently there are a lot of different visas for Australians, but they are prominent and suitable for Vietnamese people, especially business and investment: 188/888 visas (investment and temporary / permanent residence). ) and visa 132 (talented businessman). Investors will usually start a new company, acquire an Australian company in the form of a franchise or buy Australian government bonds. Whatever the form, certainly the road to conquer the Australian market will not cover the “commission” without in-depth consultations with experienced immigration consultants.

Australian Property – Potential, effective and secure investment channel

More than half of the over $ 3 billion invested by the Vietnamese in Australia is real estate and has been increasing steadily over the years. This is understandable, as the Australian real estate market has grown steadily over the past 70 years. In addition, owning real estate Australia also helps stabilize your life, work or invest in business.

Since Britain announced its exit in 2016, Australia has surpassed the most transparent real estate market in the world with its rational government policies, detailed housing laws and new laws. In addition, housing growth has always maintained the same stability as the economy with a rate of 16-19% per year, less image. It is not surprising that two years in a row, Australia has attracted the most millionaires in the world, and the number of migrants to the top private and living high.

Đầu tư định cư Úc năm 2018 - Xu hướng hiệu quả của người Việt
Bất động sản Úc được nhận định là một trong những kênh đầu tư tiềm năng, hiệu quả và an toàn.

Vietnamese people prefer real estate Australia. Owning a home in Australia will help your family or grandchildren to have a more stable, private, secure and economical place to live or study. Not only that, buying real estate for office / corporate headquarters, hotel restaurant business or leasing also increasingly occupies a high proportion in the real estate segment related to the Vietnamese.

One advantage and difference is that Australian law permits permanent home ownership and foreigners are fully entitled to buy a home in Australia if they are granted a license from the Australian Foreign Investment Control (FIRB) .

Australian Gold Trust – Trusted Partner “gold face” to the Australian market

Gold Australia is proud to be one of the few pioneers and professionals in Vietnam in the field of Australian real estate consulting, immigration and business investment in Australia. With experienced Australian market leaders; the major partners in finance, construction, law and immigration in Australia; enthusiastic consultants and offices in Vietnam and Australia … We are confident and committed to providing our customers with the most thorough, accurate and dedicated consultancy. Your success is our pride.

As evidence of our experience and success, it has helped Vietnamese customers to successfully purchase and grow some of the clean farm farms in Melbourne and South Australia. build a high quality wine factory in Sydney; investing in multimillion-dollar commercial real estate projects in central Melbourne; set up a professional nail salon system along the east coast of Australia; Assist Vietnamese corporations to set up branches / representative offices and marketing consultancy to develop brand names in major cities in Australia.

In order to provide customers with more information about Australia as well as the real estate market and the opportunity to settle here, Gold Land Australia is holding a seminar on Real Estate – Investment – He has earned a reputation in the areas of business investment, real estate investment and immigration law.

At the seminar, you will receive updates on the Australian housing market, information on policies, regulations, conditions and procedures for buying a home, investing in a business or living in Australia. here. In addition, at the Seminar, we will open a number of high-end villas and condos in Melbourne (downtown and nearby suburbs) – in prime locations. The government has prioritized upgrading infrastructure and public infrastructure with more civilized amenities and convenient transportation.

Please contact us via Hotline 0911 899 595 (Ha Noi) – 0911 899 597 (Ho Chi Minh City).

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