Immigration and real estate investment in Australia

The demand for real estate investment and settlement in Australia is always attractive and new to investors and businessmen. These two topics will be shared extensively at this coming seminar of Gold Land Australia.

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Australia and opportunities for Vietnamese entrepreneurs

Referring to Australia is an ideal country to live in because it brings together great conditions such as clean, economical and politically stable society. Australia also has good social security, good health, friendly people, security and quality education in the world.

Australia’s stable growth and transparent laws have created a favorable business environment for many business people in the world. For economic development, the Australian government encourages and facilitates the attraction of global business to business investment in all areas. This is a good condition to promote fair competition among foreign businesses in Australia, increase purchasing power, reduce unemployment, apply high-tech science to production, service and logistics industries. …

Workshop: Australian Immigration – Australian Property Investment

To meet the needs of information and implementation of Australian settlement of large customers, on 16 – 17/9/2017 Gold Land Australia held the Australian Immigration Workshop – Australian real estate investment with the participation of real estate professionals and lawyers from reputable Australian immigration law firms.

At the Seminar, speakers will share the latest and most accurate information about Australian immigration until September 2017 and advise on the most suitable immigrant visa categories. At the same time, Golden Land Australia will introduce you to two prestigious investment funds from Queensland and Adelaide. These are two Australian Government sponsored funds, which are partnerships of the Australian Gold Land to help Vietnamese immigrants settle quickly and safely.

Australian real estate – potential market, diverse needs

The Australian real estate market, which has seen a lot of growth and development potential, has risen to the world’s No. 1 spot on transparency when Britain leaves the EU in 2016. For nearly 100 years, The real estate market in this island always grows steadily with the cycle every seven years worth doubling. Can you buy a home for your children while studying abroad, family vacation, corporate office in Australia, or simply buy and lease with a stable profit while enjoying growth value? stop of the house.

At this seminar, Golden Land Australia will introduce a number of townhouse and townhouse projects near the center of Melbourne – a diverse area costing only 6 billion with a wealth of community facilities. We will also offer some special offers to customers who buy and sell mortgages during and after the conference.

If you would like to find out more about Australian immigration or Australian real estate interest, please contact Hotline 0911 899 595 – 0911 899 597.

Immigration and real estate investment in Australia
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