Australian real estate & settlement route

Buying a house, investing in real estate Australia is being considered by many Vietnamese people, especially those who plan to settle because this is not a small support factor.

Buying a home – investing in real estate Australia: Potential & stable growth

Australia is considered a peaceful island with social security policy and education system leading the world. At the same time, with the close proximity to Vietnam and the climate climate, so more and more Vietnamese choose Australia as the ideal destination for studying, working and living.

In the face of rising housing prices in Australia (expecting Melbourne’s average home price to reach $ 1 million by 2018) home ownership is a much preferred solution to hiring. Buying a home in Australia will help you save on living expenses, a safer and more secure living environment, more active time and more work, which is the proof of your most effective property when applying for residence approval. …

In addition, buying a house and then renting for a stable profit while the value of the house growing is the purpose of many customers. With the Australian real estate property price doubling every seven years, and having permanent home ownership, this is a safe, effective and wise investment strategy. Vietnamese business abroad.

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Australian immigrants only 200,000 AUD

With the Australian Government’s open-door policy of attracting foreign investment, Australia’s now-more-open immigration opportunities range from AUD $ 200,000. This is one of the investment / business settlement programs that Gold Land Australia is carrying out very successfully and receive many customers’ trust.

The Australian Government welcomes foreigners with financial, skills and experience to contribute to the island’s socio-economic development, responding to the highest level of government support and willingness to accept them. Australian citizenship.

Depending on the state of your home country in Australia and the type of your residential needs (business investment, skilled labor, talented businesspeople …), there will be different conditions or priorities. With an Australian residential / business investment you can simply invest a minimum of $ 200,000 AUD, some of which allow you to invest by buying real estate.

At this seminar, Melbourne University real estate expert and lecturer will share details of the potential of home buying – real estate investment in Australia, especially government-funded projects. and have high growth value. At the same time, lawyers / attorneys from well-known Australian immigration companies will thoroughly introduce Australia’s most suitable migration paths for each client, helping you get closer to your dream destination. Australian residents.

Interested customers please register the information via the form below or via Hotline 0911 899 595 – 0911 899 597.

Australian real estate & settlement route
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