Australian Real Estate Investment – Golden opportunity to Settle

Investing in Australian real estate is one of the most popular forms of Vietnamese immigrants seeking to create a great advantage when applying for permanent residence in this beautiful island nation.

Country worth living & ideal for settlement

For many years now Australia has been honored as one of the world’s most livable countries, so it is easy to understand when many Australians choose Australia as their destination for study, work and settlement.

Referring to Australia, we now imagine a peaceful island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a fresh environment, a climate of homogeneity and geographical proximity to Vietnam. In addition, Australia possesses a diverse ethnic community, diverse cultures, progressive social security policies, and world-class education.

Australian real estate investment – settlement advantage

Australian real estate investment will not be a small advantage for your PR application. When applying for a 188 visa or a 888 visa, real estate ownership will help you prove you intend to stick with Australia for a long time, have assets, have economic potential and do not become a burden on water. Australia.

Australian real estate investment and immigration policies for foreigners are being increasingly managed by the Australian government. Therefore, in order to make it easier for Australians to make a living and to settle in Australia, Gold Land Australia will advise you on the necessary legal procedures for buying property and roadmap. the most suitable for each customer.

Seminar: Australian Real Estate Investment – Golden Opportunity for Residence

In order to meet the demand for investment in real estate – a large number of Australians in Australia, Gold Land Australia held a workshop on “Australian Real Estate Investment – Gold Opportunities Settlement” on March 12. in Hanoi and March 18 in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh.

At the conference, you will receive information about residency programs, conditions and procedures for Australian immigration, as well as the introduction of some villa projects by our lawyers and attorneys. gardeners and townhouses. These projects are located in the prime locations between the Vietnamese community in Melbourne that the Australian Gold Land is distributing exclusively in Vietnam such as the McGrath PL project, the Harpley project, the Hummingbird project …

If you have any inquiries about Australian real estate investment, buying or settling in Australia, please register to attend our conference here, or register directly via Hotline 0911 899 595 – 0911 899 597.

Australian Real Estate Investment – Golden opportunity to Settle
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