About us

Australian Golden Land JSC. is a prestigious brand in the Australia – Vietnam real estate market, the bridge that helps Vietnamese easily buying houses and settle in Australia.

Australian Golden Land JSC. is the first company in Vietnam to combine two subjects: Australian real estate investment and immigration consultant.

Who we are?

Our precursor is a real estate business, Australian immigration consultant under the management of experienced Vietnamese directors, based in Ho Chi Minh City. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With the right vision, strong financial resources, professional working style, excellent customer service and strategic partners, we have become one of 10 brands. Australia’s leading Australian immigration consultancy in the early 21st century.

In 2015, the trend of buying houses in Australia is increasing to meet the needs of studying, settling and investing in real estate. Australian Gold Land Australia has set up two branches in Vietnam in Hanoi and TP. HCM.

Our partners are major Australian corporations in the fields of law, finance, education, immigration, construction such as Sharppoint, True Source, My Money House and other financial institutions. Australian law firm like IMS …

What’re we doing?

The focus of Gold Land Australia is real estate business, immigration advice Australia. Together with our partners, we plan to build 5-star land villas in Ho Chi Minh City. Melbourne and the surrounding area, as well as helping many Vietnamese customers get closer to Australia’s dream. Golden Land Australia has distributed exclusive rights in the Vietnam market of villa lots of each project.

In addition, to meet the needs of customers when buying real estate Australia for the purpose of study or settlement, Gold Land Australia Australia works closely with the famous study and immigration consultants. Australia to assist as much as possible.

– Australian Visa Advice: Introducing and consulting, as well as updating the latest information on Australian visas.

– Australian Home Buying Advisory: Provides customers with affordable, affordable and affordable terraced house projects.

– Immigration advice: Helping clients understand Australian immigration policies, conditions, procedures and procedures. We are willing to assist our customers free of charge until they become Australian citizens.

We regularly organize direct consultations on real estate investment and Australian immigration in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
We regularly organize direct consultations on real estate investment and Australian immigration in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vision – mission – development strategy

Those who are interested find that the trend of studying, settling and foreign investment in recent years has changed. European and American countries are no longer the ideal destination, instead the demand has shifted to Asia-Pacific with the focus of Australia – the only country owning up to 3/10 on the list of jars. Select the world’s most liveable cities for 6 consecutive years.

With a strategic vision, Australian Gold Land has recognized these potential in the Australian market. We have implemented many real estate projects that are highly appreciated by Vietnamese experts and customers for their growth potential while preserving their capital.

With the desire to become a bridge between the two countries of Vietnam – Australia, Gold Land Australia is always operating with the principle “gold credit than gold” in addition to continuous professional development, regularly updated information about real estate and Australian settlements, and dedicated customer service.

Golden Land Investment Trading Joint Stock Company Australia sincerely thank customers trust, stick and accompany us during the past. Your trust, affection and support is the motivation for us to constantly improve the quality of service … to bring to customers the best real estate projects – best suited, also It sets out the shortest path – the most economical way – the safest way for customers.